Crave worthy meets vegetarian.

Lola Rosa is a chain of beloved vegetarian restaurants in Montreal. The sucess comes from 15 years of hard, innovative, work in the kitchen, listening to what customers want and giving stellar customer service. 

In 2016 the owners, before launching two new loctaions, decided that It was about time to give the restaurant its well deserved make-over.

The vegetarian food served at Lola Rosa is crave worthy and healthy-ish. It’s all about indulging and not compromising taste for calories. With this in mind I worked in collaboration with La Firme to create an identity that felt grounded in it’s past but that now felt edgier, more confident and sexier. The interior design and visual identity are both adjustable, there’s no fixed height to the logo and the interior design is modular. Showcasing  respect to its surrondings.

Interior: La Firme   Photography: Ulysse Lemerise
Scope:                 Visual Identity
Art Direction
Packaging Design

Launched 2016