Geometric is a LIASS (Location Intelligence As A Service) product that connects companies  to their clients in real time.

It’s a location-intelligence tool that effortlessly – and affordably - connects companies to their consumers. In real time. And, through hyper precise data, visually guides them through their behaviors, patterns and consumptions. This allows marketing professionals, retailers and real estate firms to map out their next super smart business move. It’s like market research without the market research part.

I collaborated with Fred Demers to come up with a visual identity that allows for good UX and UI, colour contrasts and legibilty was key to make this product user friendly and the round colourful shapes adds a warm, human touch. The logo is a stylized G that is simple, geometric and reminescent of a search signal.

Creative direction, product design: Fred Demers
Scope:                Visual Identity

Launched 2019