Hi! I’m Johan Högdahl (he/him), a creative from Sweden who is currently based in Montreal.

I love how culture and commerce feed on each other, and constantly change one another. It is at this intersection that I find the most captivating, and enticing work originating from.

And within this intersection I believe that creatives can and should inspire positive change by questioning old, often unsustainable and damaging, models. It bugs me to see how transient trends (I’m looking at you, Pinterest) are leading our world to a homogeneous, uncreative, and bland place. My ambition is to create unique work that challenges us to think in new ways. Being different is brilliant in a lackluster world.

My background is in art at Konstskolan and digital media at Hyper Island, in Stockholm. I have experience working with anything from advertising, app design, and packaging to NFT’s, interior design, and branding with my own clients and as an art/creative/design director for agencies such as Huge, Forsman & Bodenfors, Cloudraker, Cossette, Marketel, Mad Radish, Creative Business Company, and others. I have experience in a wide range of areas but specialize in brand strategy, tonality, and design.

Whether you are looking for a partner to design and develop your brand identity with, or just want to chat, please email me or schedule a meeting. I’d love to hear from you and discuss opportunities to collaborate.

Thank you for stopping by!