Extraordinary cuvées.     

L’espiègle is a winery located in Dunham, QC, Canada. 
The expression and inspiration for this brand flows from the ethos of its founder, Zaché Hall — Every cuvée is extraordinary when you collaborate with the land.

You can influence the qualities of wine, but it is fundamentally the land and the climate that are the true winemakers. And wine unavoidably changes from grape to grape and year to year.

This insight guided us to identify and devise a clear design strategy for the different cuvées, where unique artwork, within a recognizable brand framework, takes the focus and celebrates each variety. 

The artworks are inspired by surrealist automatism (or mindless doodling) they have an uncontrolled narrative about them that suggests the free-spirited character of nature. Parts of the doodles are later used as design elements in social media, print, and on the website.

Anyone can make the drawings, the brief is simply — draw rapidly what you feel, with two colours when you drink the wine in question. The expression becomes a brand pillar, rather than the expression of a specific artist. 

This way the brand can evolve without depending on individuals, yet have a consistent essence and expression.

- Chin, chin!

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Photography: Dominique Lafond
  Guest Illustrations:
Elisabeth Cardin & Kassandra Bonneville

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