Putting the M in Miam.

The revamped Les Minettes brand is a vibrant departure from its former beige identity. It now radiates warmth, friendliness, and deliciousness, pivoting from mundane tones to a lively and colorful palette.

Together with Marie-Claud and Pascale, the founders, we aimed to create an inviting and vivid brand experience where flavour, feel-good, and celebration took center stage.

The palette bursts with diverse, lively colors, symbolizing the brand's newfound dynamism and promising a delightful, yummy, visual journey.

A unique 'M' integrated into the wordmark adds a memorable and delicious touch, serving as a standout feature that resonates with the brand's essence. It also functions as the window to the brand, revealing new products, both in packaging and social media.

The rejuvenated Les Minettes embodies a celebration of flavors and conviviality, promising a sensory-rich experience that invites a deeper connection with its audience.

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