Breast cancer comes in black too.

I had the great opportunity to design the identity for StageZero Collection the world's first breast cancer screening bras for Black women, designed to help them recognize breast cancer's symptoms even before Stage 1 of the disease.

Portraying a woman of color examining her breast for cancer, the logo symbolizes Stage Zero's dedication to promoting women of color's health. It stands as a potent reminder advocating for breast cancer screening within this community, amplifying awareness.

The adaptable logosystem celebrates diversity, representing black women of varying skin tones, ages, and hairstyles without compromising brand recognition. Utilizing skin tones as the color palette fosters inclusivity, evoking empathy and a deep connection.

These colors resonate personally, reflecting individual identity and fostering relatability. Additionally, an organic font complements the brand, ensuring its presence when the logo isn't feasible, reinforcing the identity's extension and continuity.   


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